It’s true, everybody loves a Wagner brother, at least in Ann Arbor. Particularly when it’s said he might suit up for the Wolverines in the coming days. Still, you better don’t put too much pressure on him just yet, as wrist injuries are difficult ones for pure shooters, and it’s not worthy too rush things while the team is winning. The 4–0 record has definitely taken away some of the initial pressure on Franz to deliver buckets and lead the offense. That’s good, since we talk of a 18 yo who was playing with seasoned pros at home, but just moved to another country and will need time to adjust to the American pace and style of game.

Done the talk, where does Franz Wagner fit in Michigan puzzle? It’s been said before: sharpshooter with intriguing positional size who can hit the three off the catch, pulling up and in the run. Not a playmaker but a smart passer who moves the ball and keeps the offense flowing, and can attack closeouts as well using his length at the rim. And of course, he excells in transition.

Will Franz’s handle hold up against athletic guards and under pressure? Will he eventually move to the 4th spot once he gets to bulk up his long frame? Is he one and done material?

Too many questions on the German phenom that we will try to answer and evaluate during the season.




College Hoops, Fiba Youth Bball, NBA Draft… And then some

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College Hoops, Fiba Youth Bball, NBA Draft… And then some

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